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# KDI School 20th anniversary Seminar #

Yoon, Jong-lok (President, National IT Industry Promotion Agency)


▷Presentation Title: 

4th Industrial Revolution by SOFT POWER



Yoon, Jong-lok (President, National IT Industry Promotion Agency)


Date & Time:

April 12th, 2017 7:00 pm



Lincoln Hall(4th floor, KDI School).



The speaker identifies soft power as a key success factor in coping with the 4th industrial revolution. By demonstrating start-up business cases that make innovative values, he stresses education innovation, open innovation paradigm, risk taking finance, and Deregulation and Entrepreneurship.


▶ Duration: 1hr 3mins

▶ To view the recorded lecture, log-in required.


Seminar Testimonials

Rosa DALITUICAMA(2017 MDP, Fiji)

"<Software education will be mandatory for all primary and high school students from 2018>, says the President of the National IT Promotion Agency*, Mr. Jong-lok YOON.

 Speaking at the second lecture series of the KDI’s School 20th Anniversary Seminar, Mr. YOON says software is crucial for the Korean economy; “Software is enabling imagination into great innovation, however requires six key elements with the most important one being software oriented thinking. This is why I have emphasized software as a mandate for private schools, middle schools and high schools.”.....more

Biographical Information and Selected Scholarship



  • M.A in Engineering, Yonsei University
  • B.S in Aeronautical Communication Science, Korea Aerospace University
  • Gwangju High School



  • 2015 現정보통신산업진흥원(NIPA) 원장
  • 2013. 3 ~ 2015. 2 미래창조과학부 제2차관
  • 2009 미국 벨연구소 특임연구원 
  • 2007 한국지능로봇산업협회 회장
  • 2005 KT R&D 부문장 부사장
  • 1995 기술고등고시 합격(15회)


Book by Jong-lok Yoon

  • 이매지노베이션-크레듀하우.2015
  • 후츠파로 일어서라(7가지 처방에 담긴 유대인의 창조정신)-하우.2014
  • 창업국가: 21세기 이스라엘 경제성장의 비밀. 2010
  • 호모디지쿠스로 진화하라-생각의 나무. 2009

Book from KDI Central Library

Book from Online Book Store